About Us

Welcome to the story behind The Bootleg Pants Co. 

I have suffered from a condition called Lipedema (different to Lymphoedema) for most of my life and have never felt comfortable wearing skinny leg jeans or leggings.  Even after losing 40 kgs my legs never looked "normal".  I even had surgery for the condition however I didn't really get the results I dreamed of. Compression leggings were apparently the way to go but I just couldn't stand the pain of the digging in at the ankles.  Not only that, they didn't flatter a figure like mine so I found myself wearing leggings but with an extra pair of pants over the top to hide the unflattering look of leggings.

For most of the 90's and 2000's the bootleg pant was my main wardrobe staple but come the decade of 2010's and onwards, the fashion trend started leaning towards leggings, jeggings and other skinny leg pants.  My old wardrobe started to look worn, develop holes from overuse and washing, and I didn't realise that the bootleg style was no longer readily available until I searched for replacement pants and couldn't find anything like I had before. 

So the Bootleg Pants Co was born.  Starting with a style which I call H.I.I Pants which hold us in while still flattering our figures, and also offering the Classic Bootleg Pant.  The sizes offered will be 10 -18 (after doing some research on the average size of Australian women).  If there is demand for sizes outside this scope then I will add to the range next year. 

I hope you enjoyed (and maybe related to) my story.  I welcome any questions and feedback, and look forward to building my brand within Australia and abroad.

Keep well,


Founder of The Bootleg Pants Co.