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Bringing back the bootleg pant style for women who don't feel comfortable wearing leggings or skinny leg pants, or who just want a nice style of versatile black pants. Our "HII Pants" (which stands for "Hold It In") have an inner pair of shorts sewn in to keep you held in tight in all the right places.

  • Reap the benefits

  • Shapewear - H.I.I PANTS

    Hold everything in with our version of shapewear! A double layer of material in the upper portion of our pants will ensure everything is held in tight. And high waisted is always good too!

  • Post Pregnancy Support

    Feeling a bit loose and flabby after having a baby? Our pants will fix that too!

  • Muffin top

    Reduce muffin top

    Don't resort to extreme measures - just tuck everything in with our high waisted pants!