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Leggings vs Bootleg Pants

From the parachute pants of the 80's, to the baggy loose fit jeans of the 90's - the styles change dramatically.  In the 00's all I wore is the bootleg yoga pant.  So versatile that I could lounge around at home in it, go out for a coffee or lunch with friends, and then head to the gym before dinner.  Come the 2010's, these all but disappeared and the leggings fad arrived.  Leopard print, bright colours, compression leggings, maternity leggings - anything you liked!  Still around today, these look great on models and gym junkies, but larger women are feeling self conscious and naked.   Not all of them of course, some love to flaunt their full figures (which is fantastic and I wish we all could be that confident) but a lot of us feel like giant whales in these types of leggings and skinny jeans.  

Bootleg pants seem to flatter our figures much better. The straight leg look makes the eye run up and down and doesn't accentuate every single lump and bump.  So why aren't they more available these days?  Who knows but we have seen "loungewear" reappear with a focus on sweat pants and baggy sweaters/hoodies.  Unfortunately you can't wear sweatpants to work, but you can definitely wear classic black bootleg pants there!  

So go for it ladies, find your perfect pair and head out of the house feeling confident and a little less naked!

Liz G

The Bootleg Pants Co